Upgrade Your Summer Style with the Newest Cosmolle Activewear

S ummer just arrived, and the hot weather shouldn’t be an excuse for you to stop working out and have a healthier lifestyle. And if you are ...

Summer just arrived, and the hot weather shouldn’t be an excuse for you to stop working out and have a healthier lifestyle. And if you are willing to keep it, then it will be definitively time to update the activewear closet with the latest trends and styles too.  

Cosmolle is a brand that offers a wide range of leggings, biker shorts, sports bras, and activewear in general. They are not only an eco-friendly and sustainable brand, but they are all about body positivity and most importantly, inclusivity. You will find their amazing yoga suits, in a very inclusive size range, so everyone can look good while they are working out.


If you want to rock your summer look, make sure you follow our tips and recommendations on Cosmolle’s leggings and activewear, so you can look amazing during the hot season. 

Choosing the right fit when it comes to activewear is always important. Why? Because you not only want to look stylish but you want to feel comfortable too, especially during your workouts. Cosmolle’s activewear has been designed to fit all body types, but they also have options for each preference too. 


You can choose from biker shorts to high-waisted leggings, etc. Always make sure you are checking the size chart, so this way you are completely sure you are getting the right size and also the right fit.


Usually, summer tends to be the season to experiment with new and bold patterns and colors. Their long sleeve legging set can be found in different colors, like brown, blue, and black, but also many of their other pieces have bright neon colors and some pastel shades too. 


If you want to feel bolder, then choose their pieces choose pieces are neon sports bras, or if you want a more subtle look go for their black, earthy, pastel selection. The good thing is that Cosmolle will have you covered, no matter what you choose. 



The good thing about activewear is that all the pieces are perfect to be mixed and matched. You don’t really have to buy a specific set if you don’t like one of the pieces. With Cosmolle you can create a unique look, not only with all the different legging options they have but same with their top selection.


You can, for example, pair one of their high-waisted leggings or even shorts with their high-neck tank top, or any of their seamless sports bra options. 


As it is summer, Cosmolle’s pieces will have you covered, as they are made out of materials that are moisture-wicking and also breathable. Their pieces are not only high quality but have been designed to keep you comfortable, dry, and cool during all of your workouts and very hot days.


Also, they have been designed to flatter all types of bodies. For those with an hourglass body shape, they’ll have great options to choose from with their high-waisted leggings, as these will cinch the waist. Those for example who have pear-shaped bodies can opt for biker shorts to highlight their legs. 


And finally, you can always make your summer look better with accessories such as water bottles, hair and wristbands, and even colorful sneakers or a nice gym bag. 


You’ll notice very soon, once you start browsing on Cosmolle’s website that they have a great range of activewear and leggings that will make you rock your summer look if you choose them right, not only when it comes to the right size, but also with the right colors. Don’t forget to choose pieces that will make you feel extremely comfortable and also confident while you are wearing them.

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